Our growing range of eco clergy wear

Cotton Clergy “Vicar” Collars

Natural materials like cotton decompose in a matter of months– unlike plastic which never goes away (see our plastic reduction commitment). Our cotton clergy collars are another simple step away from reliance on plastics. Suitable to wear with our Neckband collar shirts.

Organic & Fairtrade Cotton/Recycled Polyester Clergy Shirts

By now we’re all used to the practical and hard-wearing nature of poly cotton shirts.

The great news is that our practical Eco Clergy poly cotton shirts combine organic cotton with recycled polyester to make classic, versatile, clerical shirts that don’t cost the earth.

Our traceable supply chains guarantee to save plastic from landfill, while organic cotton farming techniques mean no chemical nasties going into the ground or the water sources.

Available with long and short sleeves, in no-fade black, these shirts are certified by the Fairtrade foundation, which guarantees that the everyone from the farmers to the factory workers are properly cared for too. As part of our plastic commitment, shirts are shipped in biodegradable packaging.

Women’s Bamboo Stretch Clergy Tops (sleeveless)

You’ll love our new range of women’s bamboo clergy tops.

Fast growing and naturally pest resistant, bamboo fibres are not only sustainable they are antimicrobial too. Importantly they also provide the raw materials for lightweight, stretchy and comfortable garments well suited to the busy life of a clergy person.

Our women’s range of sleeveless clergy tops are perfect for a life on the go, and ideal for wearing under a pullover, jacket or dress.