About us

“Reliant” is one of the brand names belonging to HR Denne Ltd. Our pedigree is steeped in history dating back to the mid 1800s in the East end of London.

The company started out as a collar maker to the ecclesiastical/clergy market and the city gentry of London city. The collars developed into celluloid collars by the late 1890s.

After that the natural progression was to make clergy shirts in addition to the clergy collars and by the early 1950’s the Reliant brand label introduced our quality clerical shirt and collar range.

We believe everyone loves a little bit of history, here is one of our old ads, from back in the 1950s.

Reliant advert 1950s

Our range has progressed over the years and Reliant now has a large stockholding of many colours and styles. Included in our range of clergy shirts are: – tunnel collar shirts in different height collars; neckband collar shirts; tonsure collar shirts; back fastening shirts; regular collar clergy shirts; women’s clergy shirts; choir surplices and clerical albs.

Also stocked are our accessory range of collar studs and STA-WHITE collars, which are made in our workshop in the UK.  Our clerical collar range includes slip-in clergy collars; tonsure clerical collars; vicar collars and piccadilly wing collars.

We are also accredited by the FairTrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) and produce Fairtrade 100% organic cotton clerical shirts.

Today Reliant is a modern progressive brand, utilizing the most modern computerised stock control systems with global sales outlets and production control to ensure our high quality standard endorsed by our ISO9002 quality certification.

As we are a manufacturer, we can also produce most type of garments on a bespoke basis subject to minimum order requirements on an OEM basis if there is no conflict of interest.

If you have any enquiries about our products or services, please fill in our contact form.