Making a difference to our planet

Recycled clergy wear designed for planet & people

Eco Clergy create sustainable clerical shirts and accessories that are considered, so that you can enjoy high-quality clergy wear and great comfort without damaging the planet.

Our Eco Clergy range of recycled clergy wear is designed to last, and is crafted from sustainable fabrics using green and fair processes.

Why we make clergy wear from recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, bamboo and plastic-free vicar collars.

To make a positive impact on the planet we needed to think differently about how we make our clerical clothing. Working with sustainable suppliers – and using our in-depth knowledge of textiles – we created Eco Clergy, a collection of sustainable clerical shirts and accessories made using carefully considered materials.

Women’s comfort clergy stretch range made using bamboo.

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Clergy wear made from recycled plastic and Fairtrade cotton

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Vicar collars made
from cotton.

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Why choose Eco Clergy

Our commitments

Made to last.
Not for landfill.

We create sustainable clerical wear that will last for for years to come. And as we make our Eco Clergy clothing using natural fibres wherever practically possible, if the garments do eventually find their way to landfill they won’t leave a mark on our planet, due to the rapid degradation of natural fibres.
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Person harvesting cotton

sourced fabrics

Prioritising the use of natural and recycled materials, we collaborate with highly-skilled experts and only use high-quality fabrics that are grown, sourced and manufactured responsibly. We know our choice of materials matters both from a social and environmental point of view.

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Responsible production & water management

Creating clothing for us is a partnership with our suppliers and factories. We only work with suppliers where there is a mutual trust and respect for everyone involved. We are very conscious of the impact that traditional garment manufacturing can have on water supplies. Lots of water is used in the process of manufacturing and dying fabric, which is why we are working with fabric mills that are OEKO-TEX certified. Additionally, they have on-site water treatment plants which remove chemicals from the water before it is returned to the ground or recycled back into the manufacturing process.

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Responsible water management
Plastic waste in the ocean

Reduced plastic

We are firmly committed to reducing our plastic usage. Our Eco Clergy range of clerical shirts and accessories are shipped in biodegradable packaging derived from natural, renewable resources.

Across the whole Reliant range we are gradually replacing traditional industry standard plastic collar supports with recyclable card ones, reducing internal card shirt boards, minimising plastic clips and introducing biodegradable bags.

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